Crumple Bracelet double
Crumple Bracelet double
Crumple Bracelet double

Crumple Bracelet double

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Introducing our Crumple Wrap Bracelet: a stunning blend of rustic allure and refined elegance. Crafted from crumpled brown leather and delicately adorned with shimmering 22K gold leaf accents, this bracelet exudes unique charm and sophistication.

Designed to be wrapped twice around your wrist, it offers versatility and style. Each fold and crease in the leather tells a story of rugged beauty, while the gold leaf adds a touch of opulence.

Embrace the distinctive beauty of the Crumple Wrap Bracelet and elevate your look with its bold and captivating presence.


Technical details:

Name: Crumple Bracelet double

Dimension:  Αdapt to all hands


 All metallic elements and hooks are silver 925 or 22 carat gold plated.


The Designer

Mari Vaggalati is a designer of leather trinkets inspired by Greek design tradition as recorded especially in leather bindings of books of the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period.

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